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Im sure others do as well. Same goes for any other cross-server PvP instances, not just the arenas, but the group instances such as Runatorium of Jormugand's Marching Route. Premade groups should face only other premade groups and Quick Entry groups should face only other Quick Entry groups. Using or not using exploits is a matter of ruling first and personal preference second, and clearly is determined by how seriously you insert your honour into a game. Now let us say you are quite satisfied with your gear, what can you do with it?

Queue Into Your Alts - General Discussion - Aion Online

Maybe one in ten groups are randoms. There is usually one pvp engagement at the end to determine who is going to kill Ashunatal. It's a community-generated problem, and it's on the community to solve it or leave it be. Harb just used a different metric than you to achieve the same goal. Explore a world of breathtaking beauty ripped asunder by this celestial war.

Players are running like headless chickens to the next boss hoping to have loots. The entry count and moment s of the reset varies per instance. And since you can tank your rank by using.

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Note that if the player fails to use any additional or remaining entries before the next reset, they will be wasted. The other - and in my opinion definitely more severe - problem though is the huge gear treadmill as skill simply doesn't matter in this patch. The game really needs a vote kick system. Nothing meaningful though. Perhaps the system isn't configured correctly, and every weekly server maintenance resets player ratings.

  1. This is something that has to be tweaked obviously!
  2. To enter an instance the player s will need to find and manually enter it through its access point indicated via a cave icon on the world and mini-map.
  3. Don't know which patch it was though.

Elo/mmr system in Aion

Arena of Harmony

The developers of Aion have been listening to your feedback. Apple can run aion already? Aion Europe server merges are coming soon, and they're bringing potential issues due to gear ranking with them.

GameForge outlines its proposed solutions. This is why gear score for example would be a bad idea to use. He even doesnt know how many points give Captain. Damn I dont like to tell ppl obvious thins. When it ended I was devastated.

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Ashunatal dredgion is a pve race for lootbags on bosses and surkanas for points. This game going now is Toy Heroes Online. It's why I put zero faith in those rankings.

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Is your favorite on our list? People's choices are there own, I have no intent to demean others for them. At least - ppl must do main part if they entering. There is a lot of things I can do irl.

We already established in another thread that Support can't manage to drink water successfully. As some of us end-game geared people get discomfort from the lack of pvp incentives. Some of these instances may return in later updates, was who as has been the case in previous expansions. Every week i am facing the same afk people over and over again.

BioWare Will Not Use the Recently-Patented EA Matchmaking Algorithm

Aion Axes its Subscription and Posts 30 Pages of Patch Notes

You can roam in Lakrum and simply pvp or try to do you daily garnison quests. We are working on bringing all seasons back. Concerning your last sentence, it seems that you missed the point.

  • If a group gets disbanded, everyone will be kicked out of the instance and it will reset.
  • Imprementation of Matchmaker Matchmaker is the system to support and match players of similar skill level.
  • At least in pvp instances you don't have to roll for stuff like in pve.
  • If the rewards weren't quite so good, it wouldn't happen.

Change the rating decay to, not daily, but weekly. Anyway Gameforge should investigate this. Known as Ghost, skittles, bitemeharder, sky, to all those conversations all gone to waste. There is also a new server that makes it feels like a totally different game! Each solo instance will be visited at least once during the relevant campaign quest, but can be freely ran afterwards as long as you have remaining entries.

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And I kind of agree, good dating sites in as if I don't want to lose or waste my time with half afk I should join active parties and not quick queue. The winners were already going to be getting them from the rankings anyways. Latter option will never be implemented by Korean devs. Hi how do i install this game im a noob xD.

Matchmaking in all games not something like cloud. Then why so trash sometimes with matchmaking? We have no matchmaking system at all behind our arena system.

PVP - Suggestions - Aion

Hold on, so why is it this is about people being too serious about winning or losing? Not everyone is watching youtube videos. Alternatives to acquiring gear from these instances are the Pandora Agency quests and Aetherforging Crafting. Concerning keberiums and manastones things are doing better with the arrival of Pandora rifts and the possibility to either get legendary or ultimate keberium with the weekly quests.

But then again, interracial dating relationship I was always proud Asmodian. How on Earth are they going to monitor and ban for arena fixing when they don't even know how to find their own asses with both hands? Dodging and queuing against your alts has been going on since arenas were added. They don't play even when party has active cleric in Runatorium. How can you dictate what their primary concern is?

Let's see how fast this will happen. If that's the case, why not just give everyone on the server the top rewards? It was the best game ever until they made Clash Of Clans.

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