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Good FM reception tips from Radio Bob

From your picture it appears that you have a Ohm flat twin lead attachment from your antenna. This radio is located in your automobile. So if you listen to several stations broadcasting from different directions this might not be ideal. Both types will connect and work in the same way. Turn on your stereo and check the reception on your preferred stations.

Re-tighten the knobs, replace the tuner cover and you're ready to go. Purchase a length of antenna wire that reaches this distance. Separate the opposite end a few inches, strip the ends and attach to the ohm terminals.

Let's assume you're using a tuner with an inductance switch, because they are the most common. Also, if improperly installed, some of these devices can cause tremendous areas of interference! Don't trust the knob markers if this is your first experience with the tuner! Installing an outdoor antenna can be fun, challenging, or both!

How to connect 75 ohm antenna to single wire antenna FM tuner

Best bet, a rooftop antenna, let us know when your ready to make that move. Brought to you by Techwalla. Place both capacitor controls at their mid-range positions. Technically there are several things wrong with this approach.

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So can someone take a snap shot of the back of their receiver or just carefully explain it to me? Hit the Yellow Pages or ask around. The question is, am I harming my reception by having two transformers in line? The transmitter now can produce it's rated power out to the tuner in the hopes that the tuner can do it's job and get most of that power into the antenna system with some efficiency.

You just learned how to hook it all up! Connect the antenna wire to the antenna terminals on your stereo. Feed the wire into your house through a vent, the soffits or a newly-drilled hole in your wall. Loosen the screws on the outdoor antenna's terminals, funny dating posts attach the antenna wire or coaxial adaptor and re-tighten the screws.

Best ways to hook up an fm antenna onto a stereo receiver

  1. With better radios, you have a choice.
  2. Boston Acoustics Horizon Solo.
  3. It doesn't sound like you actually have a dipole with wire just wrapped around a plastic tube.

In the mean time, writing when tuning a strong station try sneaking up to it. Remember that you have to have an external amplifier and speakers for this one! They can also be mounted in the attic or the top of a closet if outdoor mounting isn't feasible. They are weakened by objects that get between the transmitter and receiver. You can buy cheap adapters to convert either one to the other depending on your needs.

Now everybody uses round coaxial cable. When that transmit key is down, someone somewhere can hear you. Let me know how they work for you.

How to Get a Local FM Radio on a TV Antenna

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Most antennas have screw terminals intended for flat, two-strand antenna wire. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Connect the spade lugs to the ohm terminals on your receiver or tuner, and screw your incoming cable to the other end of the transformer. Easy to find at garage sales. You would connect one side of the lead to one terminal and the other side to the other.

If you're in a decent area it should help but don't be surprised if you need more of an antenna to get some decent performance. If your house is on a hill, you'll get better reception than if it is in a valley. Typically your radio already has a very good pre-amplifier built in to its circuitry. In other words, very slowing tune it to get the stereo light to work.

Welcome Summer Friends

  • You will probably notice this type of interference while driving.
  • In the photograph the stereo and power indicators appear to be illuminated.
  • You can use either an indoor or outdoor antenna, though the outdoor variety often provides better reception.
  • Your exact connections may be positioned differently, but marked the same.
  • In some antenna tuners the inductance switch is replaced with a continuously variable inductance, popularly known as a roller inductor.

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Note that the rf is actually flowing in both directions and not just toward the antenna. Select your final band of operation and repeat the procedure above. Try connecting a better antenna see below and see how your reception improves! In layman's terms, online dating profile tricks all a tuner does is act as a kind of adjustable impedance transformer between the radio and the antenna.

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But lets work on improving both! Get a better antenna or a better location for it. So re-check and re-tune as needed as you move around the band.

Route the coaxial cable through the cellar, etc to the radio. This is a decent choice if you like to station-hop. Or if you happen to repeatedly see the same vehicle producing the same interference to your radio, you might ask the owner to switch the output frequency of his device. Adjust the tuning to get the meter centered.

Measure the distance from your antenna to your radio or your stereo receiver, leaving some additional length for routing the wire around obstacles. So, waddaya got back there? If you are settled on speaker wire not the best pick hook one end to the common, the other to Ohm. If the situation improves, you probably need a better radio. This is partially because your car radio is probably better than your home radio.

How to Hook Up an FM Stereo Antenna

Or perhaps a couple of screw terminals? Somehow, secure the pipe to the roof or side of your house remember the higher the better! All of a sudden, casual dating and Howard Stern will override your Morning Edition!

If the stereo won't work, it could mean their tuners need realigned. It's not my tuner, I found the pic online but, look for those screws. When noise peaks out using your ears and the S meter, your tuner settings should be very close for final operation. You simply screw the antenna lead into this. You can get the same reception in a bad location using a great antenna as you can in a good location using a bad antenna!

Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo. If necessary, use an adaptor to go from one type of wire to the other type of connector. If you're using flat-lead wire, use an adaptor to convert it to coaxial cable and use a standard cable splitter.

Best ways to hook up an fm antenna onto a stereo receiver

Otherwise, to eliminate the need to cut the connector off, strip the cable, etc. Car radios have to be built to high standards to provide decent reception in a moving vehicle, in the presence of varying terrain, with a serious nearby source of interference your engine! Apartment dwellers, renters, cave-dwellers, submarine operators. Their will be some insertion loss from any transformer.

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Try to determine which of these sources is causing the problem and isolate it. If you'd rather use shielded coaxial cable, purchase an adaptor at an electronics store. You may find that you have to vary the position of the inductance switch a position or two either way to get your best match. If the knobs are pointing to half scale with the reference markings on the knobs and front cover, consider yourself lucky. In other words, if your radio has a built-in antenna, it will work better in your attic, than in your basement!

Right now I just have a piece of speaker wire stuck to the back of my receiver and it helped reception, but it still sucks. You'll be surprised at how well this works! No, create an account now. If not, loosen their Allen screws and rotate the knobs so that they point to mid scale. If your equipment has cable-type connectors, use a standard cable splitter and buy adaptors to convert your twin-lead wire to coaxial.

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