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Amazon is providing more detail on its investments in video and music programming that are offered as an incentive to its Prime members. Uber is pitching itself as the next Amazon, despite no path to profits. Battery start-ups are raising millions in the battle to crush Tesla. What happened in the seconds preceding the crash?

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Tech in driver s seat as S&P flirts with record - Reuters

While the pay may be reasonable in some cities, Uber drivers work as independent contractors, meaning they are not salaried employees and don't get company benefits like healthcare. In other words, the drivers had to focus on the task rather than on driving. San Francisco pays Uber drivers the most. Allana Akhtar and Andy Kiersz. These are the stocks Warren Buffett would buy if he were a quant.

The Nintendo Switch is still a hit, but the switch to mobile is still a challenge. Mobile Here are two cool iPhone camera tricks you're probably not even using.

How tech entrepreneurs think of Universal Basic Income

How tech entrepreneurs think of Universal Basic Income

The rise in cybercrime and investments in big data are trends driving the rapid change. Other distractions include eating and drinking, conversing with passengers, looking at scenery or daydreaming. Latest Special Reports Delivering Alpha.

These tasks caused moderate to high levels of distraction, the study found. The MyLink system in a Chevrolet Equinox, which required only basic voice commands to complete a phone call to the contact list or dial a number, placed the least burden on the driver. China thinks a solar power project in space to beam energy back to Earth is a viable idea. It seems obvious that texting or programming a navigation app is highly distracting, but is a phone conversation problematic if it takes place with hands on the wheel and eyes on the road?

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In an email sent on Thursday, Tesla reminds employees they can be fired or sued for leaking and gives some recent examples. Both were less demanding of driver attention than built-in infotainment systems, the research found.

The driver glanced at a navigation app on her cellphone. How artificial intelligence will change healthcare.

Mario finally going mobile, but console king faces new competition. This trivia app cancels your student debt. Tasks evaluated included placing a phone call, texting, tuning the radio and programming the navigation system.

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Seventeen are tech-related, pci audio driver windows 98 and most are new areas. Business Distracted by Tech While Driving? Former Facebook board member Donald Graham says too much regulation of American tech firms will elevate Chinese companies.

15. Dallas Texas Dallas drivers get paid 542.63 per month on average

Cellphone use is the most commonly cited cause of driver distraction, but that covers a wide range of activities. Uber looks almost nothing like Amazon despite what it plans to tell Wall Street. PayPal launches instant transfer-to-bank feature. Only a handful of studies show increased risk.

Here are two cool iPhone camera tricks you're probably not even using. Uber and Airbnb are expected to join before the end of the year. The subjects of the study gained some proficiency in operating the systems over time, but they remained a distraction. With increased automation comes increased responsibility. Voice activation, for instance, lets a driver watch the road instead of dealing with buttons or touch-screen icons.

Study participants were given six tasks to complete with the voice system, including making a phone call to someone in their contact list, placing a call by entering a number and choosing music. Netflix isn't concerned about lower prices as Disney streaming starts, except in one huge market.

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Lyft, Slack, Pinterest and Postmates have already filed. Netflix raised its prices on plans in the U. But all of the tasks involved high levels of cognitive demand.

At the Wheel, and Impaired by Tech. Tech Here's the email Tesla sent employees telling them to stop leaking info. Gig-economy workers like Uber and Lyft drivers may be skewing low unemployment numbers.

Tech in driver s seat as S&P flirts with record - Reuters

Contract workers may also be skewing unemployment numbers. They believe their batteries are big improvements over the current lithium-ion batteries used by Tesla. Social Media Trump retweets conspiracy theorists, far-right figures after Facebook bans.

The renewable-energy concept has been around for decades and continues to have its backers and detractors. News Tips Got a confidential news tip? Paypal announced an instant transfer-to- bank feature for U.