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Xxio Forged Driver

XXIO Prime Driver

With these two corrections you have a market. Older golfers should seriously consider this brand of clubs! Second, the price is, quite simply, ridiculous.

Yes, work on your game, but this will get your speed and distance back. The silver matte face wraps around the body, creating a strong visual reference point for alignment at address. We align pretty well with that group. One more thing the club makers should look at. It is easy to hit the ball high and straight again.

If such testing shows a definite advantage, the cost might be justified. Not only are the clubs great, but I have to compliment the rep as well as he got me to get the X rather than the Prime. This club has literally changed my whole golf game.

Xxio forged driver

Father Time Doesn t Lose

Latest posts by Matt Meeker see all. Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. Yep, those are some hefty price tags, no doubt about it. If they are going to bypass the so-called middleman Golf Galaxy, etc.

The fairway woods share the same ultra-thin, and ultra-light Super TiX forged titanium cup face with the driver, while the hybrids use a forged maraging steel cup face. This driver is like magic. As with the drivers, fairway and hybrid shafts are longer than normal, 6936fdz impact driver with the same soft tip.

XXIO Driver

Our engineers will tell you the golf club delivers the head on a much more efficient path and delivers it quicker to the ball. Our balance point on the shaft is way up near the grip.

Sure enough, the data confirmed impressive results across the board with remarkable consistency. Your parents, maybe, but not you. Powered by WordPress Popup.

That comes from a gram shaft, a gram grip, and a gram head. The metallic blue crown has a deep finish that changes with the light. The face is tall with a few simple white lines and dots. He also games Srixon irons and Cleveland wedges.

Your email address will not be published. Good choices, happy customers. Are these the finders of lost distance?

The light shaft has an effect, the high balance point has an effect, and the slightly heavier head compared to the grip has an effect. Once you get beyond that, their distribution is limited to say the least. High and straight, On a track man it spun the most High s and was clearly yards shorter- but dead straight. Indeed, the club may perform better.

XXIO Driver Clubs

XXIO Driver

The target demographic consists mostly of people with arthritic fingers and hands, and larger, absorbing grips are as important as light shafts.

Even when I wanted to draw or fade it slightly. Now I also feel less tired after a round of Golf. And Ernie is the Big Easy.

Larger grips are more well fit to the senior golfer. The cynic is all of us should certainly be suspicious, and sometimes anecdotal evidence is all we have. The price of the clubs is for the golfer who wants those around him to think this man has money, why else would he buy them. Notify me of new posts by email. The super-soft tip helps close the face at impact and get the ball up in the air.

I m proud to be on board as XXIO s new Global Ambassador

From a business perspective. First, the grip is too small and too light. Those solid strikes had a wonderful mid-high trajectory with good roll out and seemed to be going where I aimed.

For me these clubs are just what I needed. The difference from the Taylormade I had been using was surprising and exciting. These seniors are definitely not ready for a coffin!